Green Acres Farm

Freestall barn located near New Hamburg ONDouble 12 Bou-Matic Excalibur 2890 LX Lift Exit Parallel Parlour with basement3,000 gallon Dari-Kool Glacier bottom fill bulk tankThermastor heat recovery systemPlate coolerGuardian II pipeline washerGlacier Guard cooler washerVariable speed 10HP Air Star vacuum pumpOptiFlo variable speed milk pumpFlowStar MAX clawsPerfection Milk MetersCowTrakker ID and Activity Monitoring SystemBou-Matic Automatic Dual Sort systemCanarm/BSM Ezee Lunge free stalls and stablingCanarm/BSM Heifer and calf free stallsBou-Matic StepGuardian Automated HoofbathsBou-Matic AirTRAC crowd gateAnimat rubber flooring48” Exacon Basket FansEdstrom cow cooling sprinkler system in manger alley of dairy barnEdstrom cow cooling i-Wob sprinkler system in holding areaLely Luna cow brushes✓Custom stainless steel railings and capping✓Custom permanent hoof trimming chute✓Custom adjustable 360˚ hinges✓Custom prefabricated, galvanized fencingVIEW IMAGES OF THE BARN