Cookhill Farms;

A sand bedded free stall barn located near Gadshill ON.
Features; ✓ Double 10 Bou-Matic Excalibur Rapid Exit Haring Bone Parlour with Basement✓ 2 500 Gallon Dari-Kool Bulk Tank✓ Thermastor Heat Recovery System✓ Guardian II Pipeline Washer✓ Glacier Guard Cooler Washer✓ Variable Speed 10HP Air Star Vacuum Pump✓ Opti Flo Variable Speed Milk Pump✓ FlowStar MAX Claws✓ Perfection Milk Metres✓ CowTrakker ID and Activity Monitoring System✓ Bou-Matic Automatic Sort System✓ Canarm/BSM Eezy Lunge Free Stalls and Stabling✓ JD Manufacturing Freedom Stalls✓ Bisco Crowd Gate✓ Animat Rubber Flooring✓ Custom Crowd Gate Controls✓ Custom Stainless Steel Railings✓ Custom Cooler Drain✓ Custom Tip Trough Mounting Brackets✓Custom Tip Trough Splash Guards✓ Customized Prefabricated Galvanized Gates