A Tiestall barn just outside of New Hamburg 

✓ Bou-Matic 2.5″ Pipeline

✓ 3 000 Gallon Dari-Kool Bottom Fill Bulk Tank

✓ Water-Cooler Condensor

✓ Thermastor Heat Recovery System

✓ Plate Cooler

✓ Guardian II Pipeline Washer

✓ Glacier Guard Cooler Washer

✓ Variable Speed 10HP Air Star Vacuum Pump

✓ OptiFlo Variable Speed Milk Pump

✓ FlowStar MAX Claws

✓ Companion Detachers with Yield Indicators

✓ Companion Connector Handles and Valves

✓ Track System with Dual Detacher trolleys

✓ Dual Connector Milk Valves

✓ Stainless Steel Milk Vacuum Line

✓ Canarm/BSM Free Stalls

✓ CN2000 Tie Stalls

✓ Extra-Wide Calving Tie Stalls

✓ ProMat Pasture Mats

✓ Animat Rubber Flooring System

✓ Custom Gutter Grates