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Custom Fabrication

If one of our suppliers doesn’t offer exactly what we need, we’ll usually make it ourselves. From mezzanines to gutter grates to bedding keepers to food-grade stainless components, there is virtually nothing we can’t make or modify to suit your needs.

Milk Analysis

Have one of our experts come out and do a milk shift with you. We check vacum, pulsation, and detach rates to ensure that cows are being milked at peak efficiency while maintaining cow comfort and good udder health.

Wash Analysis

Having trouble with high bacteria? Have a Full was analysis done. We go through the entire wash cycle on your pipeline and cooler. Our technician matches your wash settings to your system size and configuration. We also test your wash water to ensure proper chemical dilution.

Emergency Service

Our team of experienced service technicians are only a call away at anytime of the day. Even the highest quality equipment will fail. When that happens, our service team is committed to getting you back up and running no matter what the problem.

Scheduled Cooler Service

Keep your cooler running at maximum efficiency with a cooler maintenance. A cooler with a dirty radiator and low gas runs longer and wastes energy. Our technician goes over the entire system and makes sure everything is in top shape.

Scheduled Service

IMG_01444Scheduled Service is a yearly tuneup of your dairy equipment. On the day of your service, our technician replaces seals gaskets and filters to keep your equipment running at its peak performance. Pulsation and vacum levels are checked to make sure cows are being milked properly. In addition to that, we do a full wash analysis to ensure proper cleaning of your system.

“Soap Truck” Route

Customers who are on our “Soap Route” take advantage of regularly scheduled chemical deliveries as well as regular check-ups on their system’s performance, lubrication and cleaning of vital components. And because our “Soap Truck” runs each and every day, we’re always in your neighbourhood.