Advanced Dairy Systems Ltd.

Our history…

Originally opening our doors in 1976 under the name of Debus Dairy Systems, we began as a service provider to tie-stall based milking operations. In those days, there were very few parlours, and automatic take off was a brand new technology, still in its infancy. Just look how far the industry has come since then!

We’ve been involved in a lot “firsts”. In 1982, we offered the first meter with a sampler once DHI approved the product. Two years later, in 1984, the first parallel parlour was installed, and we were the first company to install one in Ontario. In that same year, feeding computers, which allowed automatic feeding, were introduced. In 1992, BouMatic moved to oil-less vacuum pumps, and in 1993 heat seeking technology, allowing for simpler detection of a cow in heat, was introduced. At that time, we were the only company offering these technologies. In 2011, we began offering robotic technology, installing our first Boumatic Robot. We are now one of only 2 dealerships on in Canada, and the only Ontario dealership to have received the “2014 BouMatic Certified” designation. Our staff have all been trained in the most effective and proper way to service your Boumatic Equipment.

On May 1, 1999, following the sale of the company, the company name was changed from Debus Dairy Systems to Advanced Dairy Systems. On that day, we had 4 employees. How far we’ve come since then! From 1999-2015, we have grown from a 4 person operation to a 23 person operation. We have expanded from selling solely milking equipment to providing all services needed to operate a successful dairy operation.

Our goal is to provide milking services that allow animals to be milked gently, quickly and completely. We can provide for any size of operation, any size of herd, any parlour and all new dairy systems. We also retrofit to any type of dairy.